First Semester Progress Report

First Semester Progress Report – Equity Commission

This report was written and compiled by the Equity Commissioner throughout December  2017 and January 2018 to create internal memory for the Commission and reflect on first semester events and programming. It includes information like reflections on all events, large projects like equity training, the budget, and more.

Equity Training & Resources

Vic Clubs & Levies Equity training handout

This handout was created by the Equity Commissioner in November 2017 for the purpose of Equity training sessions with Vic club and levy execs. The handout is full of resources for clubs and levies at Vic who are looking to work on their commitments to Equity at Victoria College. To make full use of the handout with your club or levy members, or if you missed the trainings and would like to talk about Equity, email Shailee at equity (@)

Meeting Notes

Meeting 1 was a closed meeting, for commission members only, for the purpose of orientation and introductions. Notes were not taken. 

Meeting 02- October 11

Meeting 03- October 25

Meeting 04- November 22

Meeting 05- December 6

Meeting 06- January 8

Meeting 07- January 17

Meeting 08- January 22

Meeting 09- January 31

Meeting 10- February 4

Meeting 11- February 14

There was no meeting between February 14 and 28 because of winter reading week.

Meeting 12- February 28

Meetings were held between February 28 and March 21, but they were generally short review meetings, and notes were not taken. 

Meeting 15- March 21